Website/App Development & Maintanence

Website design and development team in Toronto area.

As a website design company in Toronto, we worked with many great clients in different industries in GTA area.

Our professional designers and developers have been improving their skills to provide clients a stable, attractive impression online.

For the development of websites and apps, we are not only satisfied with being technically powerful, but paying more attention to understanding customers attentively. People using technology to solve practical problems in daily life and work. The online world is ever-changing, and it is inevitable to encounter various problems and rule updates. Various browsers and different devices will have different display rule. During the development, we will record in detail the difficulties and rules encountered, summarize and summarize, and gradually form a complete architecture design, code development, test review, and safe online integration mechanism.

  • Company Website
  • Online Store (Shopify)
  • Mobile App (Hybrid App)
  • Customized Web Solution
We love code - Toronto Mooc Creatibe IT Team.

Toronto website development we use html 5.
Nodejs-Toronto web app development
Vuejs-Toronto web app development
shopify-Toronto web app development
mongodb-Toronto web app development
aws-Toronto web app development
stripe-Toronto web app development

7 Days/Week Website Maintenence

We are always here to solve your problem.

Website maintenance is the most crucial step among development, yet corporates may ignore it. It is the fact that if there are no updates or support on websites, the SEO and google ranking will drop. Clients can choose to authorize MOOC to fully manage your site or, for clients who would like to do it on their own, MOOC will provide a detailed user's guide to the maintenance and updating of a site that a business need.

It's depends on the size and the complexity of the project, normally we need around 2 to 4 weeks to complete. However, this does not include the back-and-forth communication time. Website content is ready on time, the corporate-ness and the possible of revision, all of these will affect the speed of completion.

100%. This is what we are focus on. We work hard to ensure your website is responsive on all devices to increase customer satisfaction and leads to profit generating.

You are responsible with the text content of your own website. (You know your own business better than we do!) However, we do have the experienced copy/content writers to proof-write or write the original content for you. There will be an additional charge by hourly.

Not only the text content, images and photos are also play an important role for a website. A high quality, content related image need time to search and edit. we will help you in finding legal stock images from photo provider websites.

Toronto website, app development agency.

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