Jintai 金泰移民

As a member of the ICCRC, Jintai is not only a recognized partner of the Canadian department of immigration. It's headquartered in Toronto, the most populous city in Canada. With extensive experience and resources, Jintai creates highly efficient, trustworthy custom immigration plans for its clients.

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From a visual perspective, we used an earthy yellow to create a sense of luxury while maintaining a down to earth feel. Accents of light gold help tie everything together in an elegant manner. In terms of website logic, we wanted to show off the fact that Jintai can not only provide quality service, but also quickly and at a good value. In a straightforward layout, we clearly showcased a number of successful projects without taking away from frequently updated blog posts and news articles on pertinent current events. We also implemented a Live Chat function to make sure that Jintai users have easy access to any resources they may require in their immigration journey.

Jintai 金泰移民website nullJintai 金泰移民website nullJintai 金泰移民website null