The First Place 緣之初

As the first-ever postpartum care and meal in Calgary, The First Place aims to provide a full range of postpartum services for all mothers in Calgary. Together with experienced Chinese herbalists and nutritionists, The First Place hopes to create the most suitable health management plan for mothers, helping them to enjoy a peaceful, scientific, and comfortable postpartum period.

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Design Concept

In order to showcase the professionalism and credibility of The First Place, a minimalistic design is used, which not only delivers an overall pleasing visual experience but is also easy to navigate. Since the main target audience of The First Place is expecting mothers who are looking for professional postpartum care services, we have decided to use mint green and gold as the main colours, showcasing the vitality and professionalism of The First Place. A large amount of smooth transition animation is used on the website, creating an overall pleasing visual experience. Through the usage of interactive buttons and links, visitors can not only easily find various information enhancing the overall user experience, but also allow customers to quickly remember the brand.

The First Place 緣之初 The First Place 緣之初The First Place 緣之初The First Place 緣之初