Spicy Celery 辣风芹

Spicy Celery, also known as 辣风芹, is a well-known Xinjiang spicy fried rice noodle chain in China, which has just made its entrance into Toronto. The arrival of Spicy Celery has not enriched the food diversification in Toronto, but also provided locals with the opportunity to try the exotic flavour of spicy fried noodles. The exotic flavours and ingredients that travelled overseas, along with unique Toronto variations, introduces a brand new taste to the Chinese food culture in Toronto.

Start Date



3 weeks

Client from

Toronto, ON, Canada

Design Concept

The website created for Spicy Celery centres around its star product, Spicy Stir-Fried Noodles. With the usage of rotating animation and special effects, audiences can dive into their computer screens and “taste” the spicy. The background design includes natural spicy seasonings using in spicy parsley, such as star anise, chili, and cinnamon, which allows users to intuitively experience all the seasonings of spicy parsley. The display of the menu used, not only allows customers to obtain all the information at once, but also increases the engagement rate of the website.

Spicy Celery 辣风芹website nullSpicy Celery 辣风芹website null