Sheung Wang International 尚宏国际

The immigration agency, Sheung Wang International, intends to make immigrants' dreams come true. They are local immigration company that gives opportunities to individuals by helping international students to apply educational institutes or help them to find jobs. Last but not the least, they even help new comers to find a dreamy house. Overall, they have helped thousands international students and new comers to land Canada. Because the process of immigration is changing though years, the company can offer people who are willing to settle down a professional immigrant consulting service. They have experienced thousands cases that can help the immigrant applicants to find the right direction to start their landing process of coming to Canada. They are providing personal consultants based on your profile and situations. The company's goal is to providing accessble, communicative, low-cost, and transparency values.

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Design Concept

A one to one consulting firm specializing in career and immigration, Sheung Wang wishes to show off the comprehensiveness of its content across languages and regions; thus bringing customers closer despite geographic distance. The focus of this website was to create a clean, organized feel. Through our waxy yellow we wished to convey warmth and transparency, while the elegant purples that accent the branding creates more dimension. The back end of this site relied on strict privacy measures to protect sensitive, private client information, but still easily accessible enough for the client to update their own information.

Sheung Wang International 尚宏国际 Sheung Wang International 尚宏国际Sheung Wang International 尚宏国际Sheung Wang International 尚宏国际