Rainbow Flower Celebrate

Since its establishment, Rainbow Flower Celebrate has been bringing smiles to the faces of families and friends in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, and North York with its custom lawn sign rentals. Mooc was tasked with updating its website and creating a unique booking system for customers.

Start Date






Design Concept

One of the primary functions of the website is the brand new instant mock-up feature. This allows customers to easily visualize how their signs would look on their own lawn, helping them make better choices when choosing which decorations to rent, as well as giving them the freedom to position and display the signs to their liking. Our choice of bright, warm colors like pink and peach helps convey the joyful, warmth of laughter and a celebratory atmosphere. You may also find whimsical, rainbow bubbles, which, at a glance, further brings customers to a place of childlike wonder.

Rainbow Flower Celebrate Rainbow Flower CelebrateRainbow Flower CelebrateRainbow Flower CelebrateRainbow Flower CelebrateRainbow Flower Celebrate