Kanron 宽融金服

Kanron is an international financial company serving e-commerce enterprises and individuals across North America, aiming to provide cheaper, faster, and safer cross-border payment transfer services to all users. From insurance companies to e-commerce enterprises, from immigration agencies to digital marketing agencies, Kanron offers a wide range of services to businesses across all industries.

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Design Concept

As an enterprise in the financial industry, we want to keep Kanron’s logo more professional and subtle. The logo design revolves around the capital letter “K” and the capital letter “R” since they are the initial of the brand. The shape of this logo is inspired by the Ancient Chinese coin, which symbolizes wealth and success in Chinese culture. Using the “golden ratio,” this coin frame is combined with the initial of the company, creating the final logo.

Kanron 宽融金服 Kanron 宽融金服Kanron 宽融金服Kanron 宽融金服Kanron 宽融金服Kanron 宽融金服Kanron 宽融金服