OTOS One To One Service

OTOS, also known as One to One Service, is a new immigration and consulting company based in Toronto. The company provides useful information to international students and new immigrants. OTOS will constantly host large or small workshops in order to fulfill newcomers’ various needs.

Start Date






Design Concept

The main colour of choice for OTOS’s promotional material is Spanish purple, which has a charming and elegant meaning. Considering its target group, international high school students who wish to apply to Canadian post-secondary institutions, we have decided to use a vivid and naughty way to display information to attract greater attention. Furthermore, a lively handwriting font was used to draw closer to the target group. The promotion materials include flyers and posters, informational brochures, and pull-up posters.

OTOS One To One Service OTOS One To One ServiceOTOS One To One Service