Noah Financial INC.

Noah Financial Inc. is a Toronto-based finance company that provides financial products for local middle-class families. Noah Financial has been using its high standardized service for providing high valued financial products to their clients. In the future, Noah Financial will continue to publish more valued financial products.

Start Date






Design Concept

When designing the logo for Noah Financial, we have decided to combine the letter “N” with the Noah Vessel from the bible. It not only symbolizes Noah Financial’s corporate spirit of riding the waves but also represents the spirit of guarding the wealth of its customers with all its heart. When choosing the main colour of the brand, we have decided on a more introverted red copper colour than gold, together with a softer raisin black, showing the introverted, soft but energetic colour, which differentiates Noah Financial from the other financial companies. MOOC has also designed business cards, letterheads, notebooks and other stationery items for its brand visualization.

Noah Financial INC. Noah Financial INC.Noah Financial INC.Noah Financial INC.Noah Financial INC.