Good Time Mart 好时便利店

Good Time Mart is a convenient supermarket that provides fresh vegetable and meat and daily essential goods. Its main audiences are residential household who live near around Good Time Mart. Moreover, Good Time Mart has clean and neat environment that attracts more customers feel safe and reliable to purchase goods from them. It improves people's daily life styles and help city's development.

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Design Concept

Good Times is a local establishment beloved by the local community. Since it's first and foremost a grocery store, we imparted on the brand a fresh green color. Other than freshness, cleanliness and trustworthiness are also imperative in the message conveyed by our design. The logo consists of mostly a circle and the text is written so to mimic the hands of a clock, alluding to the name of the store. These design elements can be found everywhere from the store's packaging to the signage to the employee uniforms.

Good Time Mart 好时便利店 Good Time Mart 好时便利店Good Time Mart 好时便利店Good Time Mart 好时便利店Good Time Mart 好时便利店