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The Daan Group is a family-owned wholesale toy cars business. Their main duty is to carefully source and deliver top luxury remote control and ride-on toys to end customers. The Daan Group is known for their high-quality products where all of the products have received official licenses from luxury automobile companies, ensuring children have an immersive driving experience. As one of the earliest wholesale businesses for toy cars in Canada, the Daan Groups has built their reputation among all parents and children who have bought toy cars across North America.

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Mississauga, ON, Canada

Design Concept

"The Daan Group's logo revolves around the concept of circle and diamond shape connection. The circles represent the four wheels of a toy car, while the diamond shape symbolizes the Daan Groups acting as the essential connecting sector bringing everything together to function as one. The website design uses forest green and grass green, which both represent, “health, energy, and integrity”. It shows that the Daan Group is very caring about their clients by providing high-quality toy cars. The fonts used on the website have rounded corners, making the website looks cute and soft, which can attract more kids. The product list shows a series of high-quality toy cars and the contact page is easy to navigate so that the viewers can reach out to the company easily."

Toy Cars filter function Website Development

Daan Groupswebsite 玩具车品牌, 筛选功能, 网站设计开发Daan Groupswebsite 玩具车品牌, 筛选功能, 网站设计开发Daan Groupswebsite 玩具车品牌, 筛选功能, 网站设计开发Daan Groupswebsite 玩具车品牌, 筛选功能, 网站设计开发
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