Cheese Garden - Little Fuji Set

Cheese Garden is a well-known Japanese-style cheesecake store located in the Great Toronto Area. Its cheesecakes were famous for infusing both western tastes and Japanese artist cake styles. Cheese Garden's cakes are designed by its founder, who studied Japanese pastry in Japan and are then made using a complex and intricate process and carefully selected ingredients. As a result, all of their new cakes are sold out in minutes.

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Design Concept

As a limited edition dessert from Cheese Garden, the web design of Little Fuji Set needed to showcase the design and production details of Little Fuji Set while stimulating consumers' desire to buy. Similar to Cheese Garden's main website, we have used Japanese style to design all user interfaces to do this cheese online order. The special online ordering is informative, that give the website viewers simple information of Little Fuji Set dessert. The main colours used are orange-red and pink salmon, which not only makes consumers feel excited and impulsive but also shows the complete product information. Morefuthur, the website design uses Shiba Inu and Torri as illustrative elements to decorate the dessert and the website while enhancing the overall liveliness.

Cheese Garden - Little Fuji Set Cheese Garden - Little Fuji SetCheese Garden - Little Fuji SetCheese Garden - Little Fuji Set