Axcellent Communications

Axcellent Communications is an emerging niche communications network company. The founder of Axcellent Communications has worked in a Communications and Internet company for many years. Taking the founder’s previous experiences with them, Axcellent Communications aims to build a bridge that connects the family members, as well as providing high-speed and quality communication services for professionals who work remotely.

Start Date




Client from

Toronto, ON, Canada

Design Concept

The name "Axcellent" originates from the word "Excellent". The logo incorporates the symbol of communication, along with the highest rating in the market, “A-level”, which represents the quality of communication services provided by Axcellent. By choosing a combination of the classic blue and white, Axcellent's trustworthy and stable communication quality is fully displayed. The brand visualization design also includes the company uniform, office logo and product packaging design.

Communication Technology Logo Design Product Package Design

Axcellent Communicationsbranding 通讯技术公司,品牌设计,品牌可视化Axcellent Communicationsbranding 通讯技术公司,品牌设计,品牌可视化Axcellent Communicationsbranding 通讯技术公司,品牌设计,品牌可视化Axcellent Communicationsbranding 通讯技术公司,品牌设计,品牌可视化
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