How to Use SEO to Increase Website Traffic

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To simply put, there are two common ways to increase website traffic. One is to quickly make your website appear in a higher position of the Search Results by paying a certain fee. Although this method is effective, it requires continuous capital investment; the other is to improve the natural traffic and ranking of the website through search engine optimization. Therefore, after a period of optimization, the website can continuously obtain a large amount of organic traffic.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
As the most comprehensive search engine in the world, Google has become synonymous with information search. When we want to inquire and obtain information through the Internet, Google is our first and the best choice. Google has an extensive database that stores a lot of information. Whenever we enter a keyword, Google will calculate it in the background and display the content that best matches the keyword. To make your website appear more frequently and accurately in search results, we need to study Google’s search rules and optimize the website accordingly to match more attributes and keywords. This process is called SEO.


How to Gain Traffic With SEO?
First of all, we need Google to understand our products, product features, benefits to customers, and product advantages, so that Google can calculate the keywords matched by the website accurately. The website’s effect and coverage appearing at the top of the first page and appearing at the fifth spot are entirely different. In the search results, the higher the position of the website, the more likely its traffic will increase geometrically. Therefore, the website’s exposure rate can only be significantly improved by optimizing the website structure as much as possible and adding and distributing keywords on the website reasonably.


Optimization Guidelines

  1. Make Google understand how to define your products
    The clearer and more focused on the product introduction, the better the effect. Proper layout planning, picture quality, and detailed and accurate text descriptions will determine the necessary keywords in the product and service introduction. If the Google system can detect keywords from the content, the site will appear more prominently in the search results.

  2. Show Google the specificity of the company
    Focusing on one business area and sticking to it for a long time can get Google’s attention. If a company chooses to cover multiple fields but cannot show strong competitiveness in a specific area, it will be challenging to attract Google’s artificial intelligence.

  1. Make Google understand your company’s advantages
    You must highlight your proprietary products or advantages in a business area because users may be searching for such unique products or services. Turn your advantages into web pages, articles, pictures, and even videos, so that users can find you naturally and quickly.
  1. Make Google understand continuous development
    According to Google’s search rules, Google will continue to observe the changes and progress, including continually improving the website, ensuring the website’s smoothness and browsing experience on different devices, and adding more original content. The website is the image of a company, and the website’s continuous optimization can reflect the company’s determination to continue developing. It is easier to attract the attention of Google.

Toronto Website Design

For entrepreneurs, start-ups, and operators, they may not have time to perform SEO based on busy work arrangements. At the same time, not everyone knows how to process webpage pictures and edit webpages. Therefore, this is the best time for us to solve your problems. We have a professional technical team that can help you take care of all SEO-related tasks at a cost far less than hiring an employee.

The data shows that a website that has been optimized for SEO has twice the effect of attracting traffic than a salesperson. Moreover, you must know that SEO optimization is a fundamental improvement to the website, useful in the long term. From a long-term perspective, its cost is much lower than other traffic solutions.

Choose Mooc, no longer worry about attracting traffic, and let the website become your powerful business card.


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