About Shoplazza

Shoplazza is a leading global eCommerce SaaS platform offering powerful tools for anyone to start, manage and scale their online store. We are your perfect eCommerce friend, brand partner, and business driver.

No matter where you are, what you're selling, or what your business size is, you can always count on us to tech your business to the next level.

Connect your Shoplazza store to Mailchimp now to convert more customers and drive repeat purchases. Via the public API key, your store will automatically sync products, orders, and customers data to Mailchimp.

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Benefits & Features

Seamless Transaction System for ECommerce

Industrial Leading Drag-n-Drop eCommerce store self-building system. You can also hire Shoplazza experts to build and run the store for you.

One-Click Migration

Automating product feeds from your Amazon and Shopify stores to Shoplazza with a simple setup.

Discover Professional and Free Themes

Tons of success-proven eCommerce store templates are offered free. Crafted by professional designers specializing in eCommerce, Shoplazza’s themes are well-designed to sell more, and you can customize the imagery, fonts, etc. to fit your brand.

High and Stable Loading Speed

Build, maintain and sell through Shoplazza global cloud platform from any computer or mobile devices with high accessing speed, no hardware requirements at all.

Multiple Payment Methods Supported

Accepting all major credit cards, bank cards, and 3rd party payment vendors. Shoplazza payment network helps you pay and get paid globally.

Scale with Shoplazza Marketing Tools

Use built-in Google, Meta, and TikTok tools to list your products locally and globally, and take your brand presence anywhere and anytime.